little creative factory 'unexpected poetry'

little creative factory's autumn winter 2020 collection is as exquisite and fashion forward as ever. 

this season's collection titled “unexpected poetry” is an ode to the written word, to the rhythm and rhyme of life and the beauty of verse that shadows, mimics and shapes our lives. 


celebrating  the songs and sonnets that accompanied us as children, the triplets and tankas, the lyrics and ballads, the singing stories that shaped the world and helped to shape our own. .

this collection reflects little creative factory’s recent transition to the city that never sleeps, where dreams are manufactured against a backdrop of chimneys that breathe ballads of smoke into the city’s skies. 

inspired by the poetic beat of brooklyn, where the masters of metaphors scribble down unspoken desires and emotions, paying homage to walt whitman and his beloved brooklyn bridge, to the beatniks and bards, the rappers of the street and the retellers of spells and stories long gone. 

little creative factory beatnik coat

little creative factory unexpected jacket


little creative factory beatnik vest


little creative factory beatnik coat


little creative factory tanka crop vest


little creative factory ballad crop vest



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