It's Spooky Season: Making The Most of Halloween

Boo! Halloween is right around the corner, time to get set for the spookiest day of the year. You’ve got just 4 weeks to help your little ones put together an awesome costume and prepare some fun activities to keep them busy. Find festive books, crafts, decor and costumes in our Halloween Collection. At kodomo, we’ve got a great selection of spooky decor, full costumes and bits to complete your little one's Halloween look (and wear for those days that they play dress up and let their imaginations run)!

Halloween Day Fun!

Having a Halloween Party and need some fun crafts to have on hand before they ‘Trick or Treat’? Available in a panda and a unicorn, the OMY 3D are a super creative and imaginative option. The oversized cardboard masks in fluorescent and luminous shades can also be used as a fun piece of decoration after they have their fun!

halloween activities for kids


Hauntify Your Home

Spookify your space with these creepy crawling spider surprise balls by Meri Meri. They'll do just the trick on your party table or popped in a goodie bag. Your guests can unwrap the layers to reveal the hidden gifts which include a halloween friendship bracelet, 2 tattoos, a joke and a tissue paper hat. Bring the ghostly vibes to the walls and ceiling by hanging some garlands. 

meri meri halloween decor kodomo boston

Wait! We forgot the most important part! Where will they stash their sweets? Here are some bags to store the candy while they haunt the whole neighborhood. Buzz around town in the Jack Be Nimble Bumble Bee Wings paired with the Meri Meri Bumble Bee Bag or the Jack Be Nimble Ladybug Wings with the Meri Meri Ladybug Bag. Find more cute, creepy and creative costumes for all ages by award winning brands Jack Be Nimble, Meri Meri, Loveland and Tutu Du Monde here!

jack be nimble and meri meri halloween kodomo boston

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