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The spooky season is upon us! And with it, one of our favorite holidays. How could we love fashion and not love the opportunity to play dress up!? So, in honor of the wondrous day that is Halloween, we've got a lineup of goodies for all kinds of frightful fun. From ready-made costumes to fun, themed accessories to cute and scary decorations - it's all hauntingly good. We've covered a selection of styles below, but make sure to check out our full halloween collection for more ideas - or, let your creativity run wild and come up with your own. Make sure to tag #kodomolittles with your fabulous creations and festive designs, we love getting to see all our favorite kiddos out having fun!

Brand spotlight:       Meri meri

One of the best for ready-to-wear costumes that are easy and unique all at the same time, meri meri has some fabulous styles out this year that you're sure to love. They also supply top notch decorations that have spooky vibes without being scary. While we're big fans of all of their products, we've put our top three selections for this year below. Click to the right to see our full meri meri collection.
meri meri collection at kodomo

our top 3 favorites:

meri meri octopus dress up costume


This octopus costume is fun, comfy and cozy all at the same time. Super easy to wear, it is part hat, part cape - but will definitely steal the spotlight. And it never hurts to have 8 arms to grab even more candy!

meri meri cobweb headband silver


This spiderweb headband is equal parts cute and spooky. Wear it as part of a costume, or just as a festive nod to the season.

meri meri spider surprise balls


These surprise balls are a great alternative to sugary candy. Each contains a halloween friendship bracelet, 2 tattoos, a joke and a tissue paper hat. Great as a party favor and can also double as decoration.

wauw capow collection at kodomo

brand highlight:     wauw capow    

Wauw capow reigns supreme as a brand that centers fun in the design process. Known for funky styles, their creative pieces are great costume inspiration, and their hauntingly cute socks are the perfect halloween gift for your favorite little ghoul. For those looking for an easy costume - the mad matt hoodie is monster-rific, and the mouth pouch will hold a decent amount of sweets. The flamingo tee is another great option. Just throw it on and practice perching on one leg. Click to the left to check out their full collection. 

more than costumes

We're big believers in creating costumes out of pieces you can wear beyond Halloween. Although we love the ease and cuteness of the meri meri ready-to-wear creations, our sustainable side urges us to find a solution that can be worn more than just once. So, if you're similarly minded, or, if you've got kiddos (read tweenagers) who have no interest in donning a costume but still want to go get candy, look no further - we've got a whole bunch of ideas below for ways to turn some of our "regular clothes" into fabulous costumes. 

molo forest baby playsuit

bear cub

Molo's baby playsuits are always adorable, but this brown velvet version is the perfect 

meri meri elf bonnet

baby elf

These meri meri pieces will work for both Halloween and Christmas cuteness. 

molo umba baby overall leo

little leopard

Another molo playsuit - this one in ultra plush faux fur that will keep them toasty on all hallows eve and throughout the winter to come.

white tiger

These molo styles are teee-rific all year round, but also come in handy if you need a quick and easy costume. babies and toddlers will look super cute in the fowo playsuit, while our woodstock cat ear headband pairs with the candy AOP dress to complete the look for older kids. Top it off with some face paint, or just have your kiddos work on their fiercest "ROAR" and you'll be ready to take on the town.
white tiger costume ideas at kodomo
astronaut costume ideas


Another molo look that does double duty, these styles are "blast-off" worthy, but wearable all year round. For older kids pair the moz sweatshirt and the am pants, and for the littles match up the disc baby sweatshirt with simeon baby pants and your space fanatics will be ready to go. Anti-gravity not included, but we think that's for the best.

doe a deer

A personal favorite, these looks are super sweet - whether you're trick-or-treating or it's just a regular day. Babies will love the demi baby hoodie or the nilo baby bib and hat set - both options equally comfortable. And big kids can pair the niki leggings with our obi obi fawn mask. What could be easier? 
doe a deer costume ideas

easy accessories

If you've got all the clothes you need, we've also got some accessories that can turn any ol' outfit into a fantastically easy costume - and double as toys for the other 364 days of the year. See below for some of our favorites:

plantoys hairdresser set

hair dresser

This fun plantoys set is both cute and clever. Throw the fannypack-meets-toolbelt on over an outfit inspired by your favorite stylist, or just add some scrunchies to your arm and call it a day!

tutu du monde wings

wings and wands

Add a magical touch to any outfit with tutu du monde wings or an alimrose wand. 

plantoys vet set

vet set

Another great set from plantoys, this one is for all the animal lovers out there. Put your favorite stuffy in the cone, and head out to charm the neighbors out of all their candy.

We hope you've gotten a kick out of all our ideas. Let us know your favorites and any and all ideas you come up with yourselves. Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays because of all the creativity it inspires. Happy haunting!

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