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product links will go live when the collection launches on July 14th 

"It’s never too late to have fun!" That's the motto of bobo choses' latest collection - Forever Now, and what a great motto it is. The collection is inspired by time, and the casual and relaxed way that children experience it. This playful exploration leads to a number of fun graphic motifs, including cat o'clock and mr o'clock (a rooster). The collection also includes the brand's signature "geometric and abstract allover prints such as hearts, flowers, moons, and some iconic characters of the collection. There’s wordplay, typographic prints, and lovely details such as patches and embroideries. These funny characters are the perfect partners to live unique experiences and lose track of time."

Fun has always been a core value for the Spanish brand, who describe themselves as "kids stuck inside adults; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it." Which brings us to their sustainability. Bobo choses has always gone above and beyond to care about the way they do thing in the world, both in terms of how their clothing is made to how it is experienced. As their tags read "good for you, good for the earth". 

Their ethical and eco-friendly practices include local production (most occurs within a 12 mile radius in Spain and Portugal), using sustainable materials such as organic or BCI (better cotton initiative) cotton and recycled nylon and polyester, and a supplier code of conduct that ensures fair labor and safe working environments. As the brand says "we like to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on nature and human health."

As for wearability, all their clothing is meant to be unisex. Designed with a wide, casual fit, the styles can be combined in a multitude of mix-and-match styles. The brand has also been working to expand their sizing range and will once again be offering sizing up to and including 12-13y. 

They want you to have as much fun wearing their clothes as they did making them. Get lost in the collection and let us know your favorite styles - though we completely understand if you want them all!

bobo choses limbo t-shirt peach
bobo choses playful all over long sleeve t-shirt beige
bobo choses flying birds long sleeve t-shirt grey
bobo choses cat oclock all over long sleeve t-shirt brown
bobo choses mr oclock school bag
bobo choses hearts all over long sleeve baby overall
bobo choses flowers all over long sleeve baby onesie peach
bobo choses flower baby legging peach
bobo choses baby socks beige
bobo choses playful all over big long sleeve baby t-shirt
bobo choses moon all over baby dress purple
bobo choses flowers all over baby sweatshirt lavender
bobo choses moon intarsia scarf lavender
bobo choses flowers all over cropped sweatshirt purple
bobo choses moon jacquard cardigan heather grey
bobo choses color stains intarsia jumper
bobo choses triangles all over dress light grey
bobo choses corner stripes sweatshirt fuchsia
bobo choses neck warmer multi colors
bobo choses velvet heart skirt purple
bobo choses cat oclock baby sweatshirt light blue
bobo choses cat oclock all over sweatshirt beige
bobo choses cars all over baby sweatshirt
bobo choses cars jumper blue
bobo choses cat oclock allover skirt brown
bobo choses hearts all over jacquard jumper
bobo choses flowers all over dress salmon pink
bobo choses hearts all over baby jumper sweater
bobo choses flowers all over school bag
bobo choses flowers all over long sleeve t-shirt salmon pink
bobo choses spots all over woven dress
bobo choses mr oclock all over sweatshirt brown
bobo choses jumping hare baby sweatshirt peach
bobo choses sheepskin clogs red
bobo choses shadows all over sport tank top
bobo choses shadows all over hooded sweatshirt

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