creative littles create life-changing photographic book

at kodomo, we’re all about supporting those doing good in the world. that’s why we are thrilled to host the founders of beauty for freedom this saturday for a book signing event at our south end store.

suwana perry and monica watkins created “illuminate,” a book of photographs taken by survivors of child labor trafficking in kolata india. 100% of the book’s proceeds will benefit at-risk kids in india.

we support this cause because freedom should be an issue we are all passionate about and giving back to these children allows them to take control of their own lives and destiny.

as co-founder monica watkins has said:

“if one of us in this word is not free, than none of us are free. we are a global family, we are all in this together.”

we couldn’t agree more. please pop in for a visit on saturday, check out the book and support this incredible cause!

 saturday, september 30 12-6pm, 579  tremont st. boston



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