brand feature: boy+girl

for the next few weeks we will be featuring different brands on our blog to give you more insight into the companies, the designers, and the missions behind each one. our goal with brand interviews is to create a more personal engagement and familiarity between our customers (you) and the amazing labels that we carry.


if you love sustainably sourced materials, high quality fabrics and cool-yet-classic designs, then boy + girl is your holy grail. before starting the brand, founder christine chang worked for large fashion houses like nike and ralph lauren. her experience with big corporations, and primarily adult brands, has created a certain appreciation for the children’s clothing industry which she likens to the level of happiness that clients seem to have when shopping for their kids. the boy in boy+girl is rooted heavily in the surf and skate culture that is so popular in california. the girl is simple, sensible, and prominently european in style. the combination of the two relaxed and classic counterparts has allowed boy + girl  to become a staple among moms and dads who prefer dressing their children in stylish basics that transcend seasons. in addition to being ridiculously stylish, comfortable, and uber cool, the brand is crafted from only natural materials that are sourced from japanese, american, and european mills. every piece is crafted and designed in california. christine’s goal was to limit her environmental impact, and therefore created a brand that is both sustainable and stylish, so you can feel even better whenever you purchase a piece of boy+girl for your littles.   

q: we admire and love your advocacy for using only natural, and sustainably sourced, fabrics. what made you choose to be a conscious designer?

a: it was a very natural journey. i grew up in northern california and generally our home and community was very considered. that was just the attitude my parents brought us up with, that this earth is precious and and to be celebrated, we have to treat it with respect and love.

q: some, or most, of your collection can be considered unisex. is it important to you to create clothing that can be worn by both boys and girls?

a: girls like to run and play and move as much as the boys do!  it only makes sense that the clothes are comfortable and easy and can be worn by both!​

q: where do you draw most of your inspiration from when curating a collection?

a: everywhere. i think being a designer is about being an observer. i am constantly taking in my surroundings - i snap a lot of pics and jot a lot of notes. anything from food to music to nature to the way the light hits... everything is my inspiration!​

q:  what is the most important difference you have noticed between the children’s clothing industry compared to your previous experience at mostly adult style houses?

a: i love the children's industry because it's fun and happy. it sounds so simple, but it's true. when people see children's clothes, they can't help but smile! i love that joyfulness. ​

q:  trend vs. personal style, what do you follow when creating your clothing?

a: ​never trend, always style. ​



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