bobo choses - for president

for president - by bobo choses

"Discover what a world run by children would be like and have fun!" this is the inspiration statement behind bobo choses latest collection, since "adults are having kind of a hard time making the world a better place to live in." while we agree that the current circumstances in the world make it seem like adults are dropping the ball, brands like bobo choses contradict this - as with this latest collection they strive even more towards a fully sustainable collection, that's fun and playful too! 

read on to see some of the fantastic styles from the collection, available now at kodomo boston, and to learn more about the collection itself, its design, and materials in the brand's own words.

bobo choses sparkle allover ruffle woven top
bobo choses multicolored checkered woven dress
bobo choses big smile tank top
bobo choses fingers crossed short sleeve t shirt
bobo choses daisies school bag
bobo choses for president hoodie
bobo choses landscape woven skirt

"the colour palette mixes soft and natural tones, such as ecru, toasted, light grey, anthracite, water green, mayan blue, mauve, pale yellow and sunrise pink with brighter ones, like fuchsia, curry, light green and deep blue. 

bold and fun prints relate to the collection’s story and include ear- to-ear smiles, friendly pet lions, funny dancing peas, big tomatoes and smiley-fingered hands."

bobo choses play stripes tank top
bobo choses play landscape short sleeve t shirt
bobo choses balance allover tote bag
bobo choses stripes jersey ruffle dress
bobo choses crosswise stripes fleece playsuit
bobo choses crosswise stripes zipped hoodie
bobo choses stripes buttoned t shirt

"there is a great variety of fabrics, weights and textures, both circular knits and woven. We like to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both nature and human health. plain knit, rib, smooth fleece, poplin, seersucker and twill are all 100% organic cotton. Denim fibres are recycled ones. there’s also terry towel, heather fleece and Vichy and daisy jacquards. swimwear is made of recycled technical fabrics and it has ultraviolet protection factor 50+ protection. fine-gauge knitwear is light and features colourful intarsia and jacquard patterns."

bobo choses for president tote bag
bobo choses tomato cropped sweatshirt
bobo choses pet a lion jersey dress
bobo choses play allover sweatshirt
bobo choses bird says yes zipped sweatshirt

"88% of SS21 cotton yarn is organic *GOTS certified. 92% of the cotton used in SS21 Baby collection is organic *GOTS certified. 98% of the SS21 production is made locally (83% Spain, 15% Portugal) and around 80% is produced no more than 20km away from our headquarters. Sandals are 100% made in Spain"

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