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 good news kodomo littles! if you’ve been looking for some fresh fashion inspiration, we now carry ancient greek sandals at kodomo. best known for their gorgeous collection of women’s shoes, ancient greek sandals’ equally fabulous children’s line is now available at our three boston locations and online!

designed by greek natives, christina martini, and nikolas minoglou, ancient greek sandals use authentic designs, inspired by greek mythology. the designers incorporate their love of greek culture by crafting sandals locally with skilled tradesmen. their sandals pair classic styles and techniques with a wonderful chemical-free natural leather that ages beautifully with wear. true to kodomo’s passion for slow fashion, martini and minoglou have created a true homage to their homeland with this wonderful brand of shoes for men, women, and children.

since ancient greek sandals is a brand steeped in history and tradition, we wanted to share more about the fashion inspiration behind their extraordinary product.

according to legends dating back to the 6th century b.c., the most iconic ancient greek sandals were the ones donned by the greek god, hermes. his winged sandals, called the talaria, helped him in his duties as the messenger to the gods. the greek hero perseus actually borrowed hermes' sandals to help him slay the serpent woman, medusa. goddesses like hera and aphrodite were also often depicted wearing golden sandals, much like the styles we carry!

greek legends say that the gods and goddess had their sandals created on the Isle of crete, and each pair was made with their own special powers. the ancient greek sandals brand tries to emulate that sentiment by naming all their styles after the different gods, goddesses, and muses in greek history.

with a bit of magic from their mythological roots, littles will love ancient greek sandals. versatile and extraordinarily comfortable, they can be paired with pants, shorts, dresses and skirts alike. we’ve got a great selection, ranging from strappy metallic gold to simple black braided sandals to hermes’ own winged style. practical and whimsical these sandals are the perfect style for all little gods and goddesses! 


ancient greek sandals little irida

 little irida 

ancient greek sandals little maria gold

 little maria gold


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