in a sea of princesses, cartoon characters, and super-charged colors, muted hues and minimalist designs for littles were nowhere to be found. this inspired nununu to create a clothing line that would become the antithesis of clichéd baby wear and over-stimulating kid stuff.
nununu began with the basics: black, grey, white, a touch of color here and there. their designs are inspired by geometric shapes, architecture and industrial design. nununu's fabrics have a worn and weathered feel, making them incredibly soft for your little one. since its inception, nununu has made a big imprint in the kids fashion industry.  they are well-admired for minimalist clothing that allows children to shine at every stage.  

every piece is designed and manufactured in israel by the nununu team, committed to being a part of every step of the way. kodomo is proud to be the exclusive nununu retailer in the boston area.