pride in every stride

the most colorful week in boston starts june 2nd, and ends with a big glittery bang on june 10th, with the annual pride parade that marches from the back bay to the south end. having our first location in the heart of the boston lgbtq community on tremont street, we’re lucky to feel pride all year long, but this special week allows us to be even more expressive about how much we love our gay/lesbian/bi-sexual and transgender friends. at kodomo we believe in equality for everyone, and rejoice at any opportunity we get to celebrate that belief. pride week is such a magical time for all, the streets are flooded with glittery fairy princes and princesses with rainbow hair and sparkly faces- can you imagine how cool that is for our kids!? it’s like every child’s dream come true (and ours too). the air tastes sweeter, and our hearts feel fuller, the love emanating from everyone and everything around you feels like a great big hug. and as playful and silly as pride week can feel, it’s not just all for fun, it’s necessary and important. it is really beautiful to bear witness to a group of individuals exercising and celebrating their right to freedom of speech and love. every step we take together is another step closer to the unity of mankind. so this weekend, let us march together, hand-in-hand, towards a more equal future for everyone. to all of our lgbtq friends: we’re ready with flags in our hands, rainbows in our hearts, and glitter on our eyes, let’s do this! happy pride week everyone.


<3 kodomo



photo by josephina carlier

photo by bobo choses

kelsey riggs

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